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Extreme Networks Healthcare Solutions
The Proper privacy Regulations TeleHealth Needs Right Now

Extreme Networks Healthcare Products


Drive intelligent operations, business agility, and sustainable cost control so staff can stay focused on what matters most – patient care


Achieve a patient-centric environment with streamlined operations, optimized application service delivery, and uninterrupted connectivity.


Maintain severe protection against potential threats while remaining uninterrupted and compliant with strict regulations.

Extreme Networks delivers flexible, agile, and secure solutions that simplify the complexity of today’s modern hospital.

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Extreme Networks Healthcare Solutions

Extreme Networks Security

Extreme’s Rapid Outdoor Connectivity Kit

To help hospitals, pharmacies, and other organizations, extend secure connectivity to temporary pop-up sites, Extreme is offering a series of curated packages to facilitate deployment. Based on powerful, wireless mesh technology, this solution provides a secure, encrypted extension of the organization’s or hospital’s existing communications infrastructure.

Rapid deployment: Pre-validated, curated packages designed to suit different pop-up site requirements, help to facilitate deployment across multiple sites.

Facilitates Compliance: With traffic encryption, policy-based control over users and devices, stateful L2-L7 DPI firewalls, Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK) and more, this solution helps hospitals and other organizations maintain HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance as their connectivity extends outdoors

Enabling Telehealth Services and In-home Patient Monitoring

Healthcare organizations are working to reduce exposure from person-to-person contact and minimize overburdening hospitals. Increasingly doctors are opting for online ‘check-up’ calls, rather than in-person visits, and mobile healthcare is becoming the new standard. Extreme offers a range of remote access solutions to enable secure and seamless connectivity for healthcare providers, starting with Extreme's Portable Branch Kit.

Extreme Networks Secure Network

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Cloud-Enabled Network Management

Clinical-grade cloud infrastructure delivering the reliability, scalability, security, and intelligent applications required for mission critical healthcare networks.

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