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Extreme Virtual Packet Broker
Scalable Network Visibility and Monitoring for Virtual Networks

Extreme Networks Virtual Packet Brokerr

Optimize and Monetize Virtualized Networks.

Comprehensive network visibility

Dynamic compute capacity

Increased monitoring productivity

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Improved Operational Efficiency and Scale


Our vPB and vTAP eliminate typical long deployment cycles associated with hardware through automated scale orchestration and simplified provisioning. They allow dynamic modification of flow-definitions and traffic optimization functions in the network visibility infrastructure when changes occur in the production network (such as the addition or removal of VMs, variations in traffic volume, and new flow patterns). This capability improves monitoring productivity and offers greater network agility. Our vPB is designed to also mask patterns in specific packets to protect sensitive information from unauthorized usage.


Overview 2

A SMARTMatch rule supports flex-match, which allows detection of specific regex or hex patterns in flows and packets. Optionally, such flows or packets can be dropped or forwarded to a configured egress. A flex match can be pre-defined as a SMARTmatch alias and used within a rule. A rule can include up to four aliases. In the vPB, masking as an action is supported.


Scalable Network Visibility

Administrative reduction in tasks

Dynamically Scale for Operational Efficiency

Manages surges and eliminates long deployment cycles with automated scale orchestration and feature provisioning.

Learn about issues

Obtain Full-featured Network Visibility

Maximizes network monitoring and analytics tools with traffic interception, filtering, load balancing, and optimization.

Integrate your network

Make Monitoring More Productive

Allows dynamic modification of flow definitions and traffic optimization functions


Download the Extreme Virtual Packet Broker Datasheet (.PDF)


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Extreme Virtual Packet Broker
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Extreme Virtual TAP
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